If God loves us, why does He let all this evil happen?

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If God loves us, then why does He let all this evil happen? Ah.. good question. That seems to be a general theme and reason for agnostics to question the existence, or the goodness of God. The answer is surprisingly simple. God lets evil happen because he loves us. Uh? Well, let me explain.

What is true love? Isn’t true love voluntary? True love isn’t forced love. When a man proposes to a woman, he asks her for her permission to marry her. If he held a gun to her head and demanded that the woman marries him, she might say yes, but it would’nt mean that she loves him, not in the least. Likewise the saying goes, money can buy you a fine dog, but only love will make him wag his tail. When someone voluntarily chooses to love you, that is love. Love can’t be bought or forced.

So. When God created man, he gave man a choose to love him. Man didn’t have to love God, but in the beginning, man had close communion with God (Garden of Eden). Choosing to love God was easy, because man had close communion with him and knew all of God’s beautiful attributes. But God put a tree in that garden, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Genesis 2:17), and told man not to eat of it. God was fair, and gave man a choice. What good would have the free will of man done, had God not given them an alternative to choose something other than him?

Here’s my point in this: God created us. He could have created us so that we obeyed him without question. He could’ve made us robots to do his bidding. But that isn’t love. God  wants us to love him, and to obey him, but it must be of our own choosing, or it’s worthless. Of what joy would forced love bring the recipient? So knowing this, God gave his creation the ability to reason and make choices, so that their love had meaning.

This means that man can choose to go against God. And that’s a decision that man made from the very beginning (in the Garden of Eden). Since then, man has been inclined towards evil, and God, being a loving God, let’s man make his own choices. With choices come consequences, and those consequences are what we must deal with in this broken world. (James 1:14-15) God is fair and just, and we get what we deserve, for without God, there is only death, hopelessness, and disappointment.

The world is not in chaos because God doesn’t care about man, rather, it’s in chaos because man doesn’t care about God.

Following God’s guidelines, set forth in the Bible, help us make peace with God and our fellow man. That is what God wants, and it’s what we do when we choose to voluntarily love God. (John 14:15 – If you love me, keep my commands. NIV) God didn’t make us little angel drones to do his bidding, we have to choose to love and follow him. He won’t make us because He loves us.