I’m simply trying to stand up for my Christian faith by providing logical arguments for it. At the end of the day, these are just my opinions, and reading my opinions will never replace doing your own research. My aim is to promote thought and constructive conversation, therefore, when commenting, please try to add to the conversation and keep on subject. I reserve the right not to approve any comment I see that doesn’t meet those qualifications. I do realize that some people will be offended when I draw lines in the sand, but please understand that these are principles I believe God himself instituted, and I will defend them, with as much love and understanding as I can muster. I’m a sinful human, no better than anyone else. But I believe I have found the answer, and I am trying to show fellow humans the hope that is found in Jesus Christ. Thank you!

I also have another blog in which I try to be more funny. It’s called: theCheapTrekker.com
It’s filled with random babbling about adventure, how to’s, and life in general.

And I make my living taking pictures of puppies. It’s actually not as cute and glamorous as it sounds, but it’s a unique job, and I occasionally find myself enjoying it. Check out my portfolio here: www.JumpingJackPhoto.com

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