Two men went on a walk…

Two men went on a walk. We’ll name the one Bob and the other Bill, just because those names are easy to remember. Also, let’s call them scientists.

Why were they going on a walk? Well, lets say they are searching for an ancient, lost civilization. How can a whole civilization get lost? Well, we must remember that ancient civilizations didn’t have GPS units, or Google maps. They just had carved stones and whittled sticks and things of that sort to keep track of where they were and where they were going. Presumably, the guy in charge of dragging the massive stone map around got left behind, since dragging a massive stone can slow even the mightiest of men down. The rest of the clan, once they were finished hunting and gathering, figured out they had no clue where they or their map dragger were. Hence, they were lost. Again, this is all assumptions, since we can’t ask them, since they are lost. But I digress.

© Leonard Zhukovsky -

In this case their maps looked a lot like peoples giant heads.

Bill and, what was that name? Bob, right. Bill and Bob were trudging through the forest looking for an ancient civilization. They were recording their thoughts on a tape recorder because that’s what all smart people do. Which is odd, because you would think that smart people could remember what they were thinking about. At any rate, Bill and whatever his name is were voicing their thoughts and inspirations as they trudged through clouds of dive bombing mosquitoes.

“While these mosquitoes damper our formidable spirits” Bob recorded, “We are in awe of the beauty of our surroundings. The marvel that evolution has brought us is impressive. And to think all this happened by chance.”

“Yup,” agreed Bill, “One little mutation different, and the whole world could’ve have been altered drastically. We probably wouldn’t be here, that’s for sure.”

“Yea, who knows. We might be over there, on top of that rock, swimming in that river, or even under that tree there. Who knows what crazy places we could be at!”

“I must note as well, ” Bill said, “That this ecosystem is incredible. The old trees die, fall over, rot, and provide nutrients for the new growth coming up. The decaying animals are eaten by scavengers. The scavengers then, are eaten by predators. It’s this self sustaining system.”

“Also, you can find species here that have evolved specifically for this geography and can not be found anywhere else on earth. It’s like they were made to fit perfectly into this system. In actually, what we call a jungle seems to be actually quite well organized. Of course, we know it  came about through the process of evolution, since there is no alternative origin of life that can be seen or measured.” Bob finished talking because he ran out of breath. Bill jumped in again:

“There are literally thousands of different species in the jungle that we know of, and probably thousands more that we don’t. The forest here is teeming with birds, snakes, monkeys, and fish! Each one fighting to stay alive and continue it’s specific species.”

“Except that fish don’t live in the forest, Bill. A fish would never live in a forest. Fins are no good for climbing trees.”

“Terrible grammar Bob, and anyway, they live in the rivers in the forests.”

“Whatever. Hey!” Bob saw a pile of stones up ahead. It was shaped in the shape of a shape, specifically: a rectangle. “This looks like the leftovers of a hut or something, it must be evidence of that lost civilization!”

Bill agreed. “The rocks are in an arranged formation, that doesn’t just happen accidentally. Someone must’ve put them there.”

The duo pressed on through the jungle, encouraged by this sign of a civilization they couldn’t see, because, by definition, it was lost.

Soon they came to what looked like a gigantic expanse of blocks laid out in arrow straight paths, much like the roads we have today, except much bumpier. If you tried to hit them while in a car traveling at 5o mph, your brains would’ve rattled so badly they likely would’ve shot straight through the top of your head. Not a pretty picture, but neither were these roads. They were laid out in large squares. Just imagine a large, moss covered ice cube tray, or something.

“This is definitely a town. You can tell by the precise pattern and categorization that it couldn’t have occurred naturally.” Bob was as excited as a school boy with a sling shot, but, arguably, maybe a little less intelligent.

Again Bill agreed. “You can tell by the precise order of things that this was designed by an intelligent person.”

They continued to press towards the horizon. Except they couldn’t see the horizon because they were in a jungle. Nevertheless, they pointed their noses and machetes towards the undergrowth and charged ahead like a school boy with a weed whacker in a rose garden.

Soon they found a wheel and a little later, a cart. Then a bunch of other stuff that ancient civilizations used back then. They were ecstatic that they proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that a civilization once lived there. This is what they wrote in their little book:

“We haven’t met anybody that still lives here. There are no written records of anyone living here, but we have proved that humans did exist here at one point. This was proven by the systematic design of the tools and infrastructure they left behind. The road blocks do not lay themselves in straight lines by any coincidence, nor does the wheel know it’s need of it’s spokes. So while we have never even seen anyone in this area, nor can we measure them, touch them, see them, or feel them, we know from the evidence they left behind, that people did indeed exist here at one point. They had to because the ruins in this area are too complex to be designed by nature or unintelligent beings.”

© Sergey Volkov -

This DNA, however, totally happened by accident.

And so the scientists made a discovery that day, but possibly missed the biggest one of them all.

Psalm 19:1 – The heavens are declaring the glory of God, and their expanse shows the work of his hands.

Romans 1:20 – For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

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