Christians have more reason to love gay people

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Let me explain.

The most common theory taught in schools today, regarding the origins of the universe, is evolution. As the universe began developing, the strong, able species survived, while the weak species unable to adapt died out. Every thing was the achievement of pure accidental cosmic explosions, or what have you. What couldn’t make it died. This is, according to the theory of evolution, how nature weeded out the anomalies that weren’t fit to survive (i.e. fish without lungs). In other words, “survival of the fittest”. So, bringing this theory into the realm of modern day, one can simply assume that people who are gay aren’t fit to survive since they are an anomaly to normal mankind, who has the desire to reproduce. Obviously, gay people can’t reproduce. Or am I wrong to assume this? I didn’t fail biology and I feel I am correct in saying that. It sounds harsh (it is), but bringing the theory of evolution into relevance today, being consistent with how things were supposedly worked out in the past, this would hold true for people who supposedly “can’t help” being gay today. They would have no desire to reproduce, and would die out in one generation. People with a gay “gene”, according to evolution, are not being productive members of society and therefore will be eliminated in one generation. Since they are just the dysfunctional byproduct of a cosmic accident, on who’s authority would it be immoral to disregard their existence?

Now lets compare that evolutionary viewpoint to a Christians viewpoint on the origin of the universe and how it affects peoples viewpoint on the sanctity of life (this conversation regarding gay people specifically).

Christians believe God created man and woman. He made them special, separate from the animals. This gives every human a distinct worth. That is, God created you. You aren’t a byproduct of some cosmic accident. Man chose to sin in the Garden of Eden, and ever since then, man has dealt with the consequences of man choosing not to follow God. (see related: If God loves us, why does he let all this evil happen?)

So, there do seem to be people who have homosexual urges. This causes some people to say, then, that homosexuality is natural, so we must accept it. So what if it is? Lusting, coveting, and cheating also are natural responses to certain stimuli. However, we cannot accept homosexuality because it’s a sin condemned in the Bible. But how can God condemn people’s urges? Didn’t He make people the way they are? If you read the Genesis creation account, you see that not long after man was created, man chose to go against God by eating the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. (Genesis 3) This started a spiraling series of events that really screwed over the rest of humanity and man has had a sin nature ever since. So now people are bent towards selfish desires and those evil desires can be manifested in some really disturbing ways. I believe homosexuality arises from this sin nature, either through bad past experiences or simply an overwhelming desire for acceptance wherever it may be found. That doesn’t make it right. Homosexuality is a sin, according to the Bible. But so is adultery. So is lust. So is cheating, stealing, murder, and rape. Yet God loves the people who do these things. God accepts people who do these things because they’re His creation and He loves them. (Romans 5: 6-8) Humans have intrinsic value to God. But it’s very important to realize that, while it’s true that God accepts us where we’re at, He won’t leave us there. In fact, if someone claims to love God, but doesn’t change his life, something is wrong. (Romans 6:1-4)

So taking that into account, Christians have more reason to love gay people because the gay people are people, and people are intrinsically valuable in Christianity’s fundamentals, no matter what there sin may be. We must be careful not to push gay people away, letting them know they are very important, all the while not condoning or accepting the sin they are involved in. Just like a cheater or liar must repent before he’s accepted into the body of Christ, so must gay people. The Bible makes it very clear that all people; every tribe, every tongue, are invited to experience the acceptance found in Christ. God loves everyone, yet requires perfection. This perfection can only be found in the acceptance of Jesus Christ forgiving your sins (whatever they may be), healing you of your past mistakes, and helping you avoid them in the future.

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